Now that your parents are gone, you will have to take over the family business. You have become a farmer and vegetable delivery man in Lonefarm, a small island in the middle of the South Pacific.

Enjoy the peace and quiet on your own floating island as you grow, harvest and feed your chickens and cows. When your crops are ready, load them into the back of your own 1966 Van and take the wheel to go to the nearby town to sell them. Let your favorite music play on the radio and enjoy the fresh air entering through the windows. But be careful! Don't forget to turn off the lights and take care of the fuel and water level! You don't want to be lying on the road at dawn.

You can prepare your own food, drinks and even decorate your little cabin with furniture that you can buy at the village store.

Explore every corner of the island. Tour it on your Bus or walk to find exotic plants that will give you seeds. Visit the locals who live far from the town ... Everyone has a story to tell you!

The town is full of places to visit; Farm shops, grocery stores, furniture stores, and the small coffee shop, where you will take several refreshing breaks with delicious freshly brewed coffee as you learn the latest news in the newspaper.



Lonefarm development began in November 2019. Roberto had previously worked as a programmer in a metroidvania-style game at a company in Mexico City.

Now working as a full-time web developer, Lonefarm is developing in his spare time, he's programmer and 3D artist. He is the father, husband and slave of 9 fat cats.

In May 2020, Matías Pantó joined the team as a composer. He likes classical music and flamenco, and his inspirations are Nobuo Uematsu, Joe Hisaishi, Kow otani and Takeo Watanabe. He has a special taste for nostalgia reflected in music.

Lonefarm is currently in an early development stage. Once the Early access is released, it will be available on Steam for Windows and Mac OSX


I love games where you can find secrets and collect things, as well as interact with devices. Push buttons, open valves, open and close doors, etc. Lonefarm is a representation of this personal taste. In addition, many games have inspired this development, such as: My Summer Car, Gone Home, Stardew Valley and Firewatch



Lonefarm Team

Roberto Ortiz
Developer & Artist
Matías Pantó